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TAAL owns a private airfield (Licensed) located at Hosur, 50 km from Bangalore city. The airfield enjoys a strategic location - it is a twenty-minute drive away from Electronic City, the hub of the software industry in Bangalore. The airfield is capable of receiving Airbus A 320 and Boeing 200-900 / B737 – 200 -900 class of aircraft and is equipped with as basic Navigation Aids. Support services available at the airfield include refueling, parking, aircraft hangar accommodation, crew rest area, guest house, aircraft maintenance facilities, aircraft cleaning services etc.

Location 12° 39' 46.62"N, 77° 45' 46.98"E
Orientation 09/27
Length 2287 mt(L) x 45 mt(W).
Navigation Rotating Beacon, Papi, Wind Socks, Signal Square
Night Landing Landing Tee, Runway and Taxiway Lights.
Wing Bar Lights and Illuminated Wind socks.

Guest House And Crew Rest Area

  • Fully Furnished, Air-conditioned four bedrooms
  • Housekeeping and Catering Services
  • High Speed Internet Connection


  • Jet A -1 (ATF) and Aviation Gasoline 100 LL.

Maintenance Hanger

  • 45 mtrs x 50 mtrs x 15 mtrs hangar
  • Pneumatic lines
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • General Tooling
  • 90 m x 110 mtrs Apron Parking
  • Pressure wash for aircraft cleaning
  • Office Storage area.
  • Air Traffic Control Tower - Height 22.25 mtrs.
  • Aircraft Interior Cleaning Services

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