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Ø Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance Centre - Work Examples

1. Manufacture of the P68C, a six seat twin piston-engine aircraft. All detailed parts and assemblies including seats, electrical looming, cable assemblies etc. were manufactured at TAAL's facilities.
2. TAAL was involved in building up the first three prototypes of the 14 seat, SARAS aircraft for the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL). TAAL has manufactured the entire airframe of the aircraft (excluding the wings which are manufactured by HAL) including tooling, parts and assembly. The first prototype is now under flight-testing.
3. TAAL was associated with the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) for the production of the two-seat all composite (glass fiber) trainer aircraft called the “HANSA”.
4. TAAL is manufacturing the airframes for the full composite (carbon and glass -wet lay up and room temperature cured) NISHANT, Remote Pilotless Vehicle developed by the Aeronautical Defense Establishment (ADE).
5. TAAL is manufacturing all the composite components (Tail cone, Nose cone and air-intake) for the LAKSHYA, Pilotless Target Aircraft (PTA). This aircraft is now in series production.
6. TAAL is manufacturing the Elevator and Stabilizer for the Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) manufactured by HAL.
7. TAAL is manufacturing a variety of aircraft tooling (bakelite), Sheet Metal Parts etc., for the Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH); Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Light Combat Helicopter ( LCH);Sukhoi (SU-30 ) & MIG Series projects of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ( HAL).
8. TAAL is manufacturing Auxiliary Fuel tank, stretcher, Armour Panel and interiors for Advanced Light Helicopters of HAL and also interiors for Defence Service Helicopter.
9. Parts for Jaguar Drop tanks and Incendiary Containers.
10. TAAL is doing space structures for PSLV and GSLV of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
11. Manufacture of THORP T211 Two Seater aircraft for Domestic and Export Markets.
12. In the past TAAL has undertaken certain sub-contract work for the Israel Aircraft Industries (ISI) in India.
13. Number of Modifications and Installations on Indian Navy Helicopters and Aircraft.
14. Interiors for Indian Air force Aircraft.
Hansa Aircraft
Hansa Aircraft

Thorpe Structure
Thorpe Structure

GSLV Structural Assembly
GSLV Structure Assembly


Nishant UAV
P68C Aircraft Structure

ISRO GSLV Structure
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